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Last Mile Delivery: A Pivotal Step in Fulfillment

Last Mile Delivery being 52% of the fulfillment cost, it's imeprative that retailers understand how important it is to be cross-functional and own their omni-channel from start to finish. Expert views from Bill Catania, Founder & CEO, OneRail, A Last Mil...

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Data Sensemaking: A No-Code/Low-Code Approach

The demand for no-code/low-code retail data solutions will grow dramatically and empower individuals beyond the classic CTO and CIO roles at major retailers to access and understand data connectors and data fabric. Expert views from Saket Saurabh, Co-Fou...

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Managing Disruptions with Flexible Supply Chain – Juli Lassow

Listen to Juli Lassow, a retail professional, speaker, author, and aspiring planet saver. As the founder and principal of JHL Solutions LLC in Minneapolis, Juli Lassow is responsible for helping businesses evaluate and redefine their sourcing structures....

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Voice AI for Brands: Making Ads Interactive – Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic

Are you up for the Ads that talk back to you? Instead of hearing an advertisement from IKEA on Pandora, the ad talks to you, and you talk back to it to register your interest or feedback. There's quite a bit of AI and natural language processing behind h...

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How to Win and Influence Your Digital Customers – Howard Tiersky, WSJ Best Seller

How to Win and Influence Your #Digital #Customers. Listen to Howard Tiersky, WSJ Bestseller of Winning Digital Customers talk about 'Digital Transofrmation' in retail. Few touchpoints: Who are digital customers and how you define them? What is digital tr...

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How ‘Experience Economy‘ is Shaping Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies.

How 'Experience Economy' is shaping #CustomerAcquisition & Retention Strategies?  Listen to Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder of Omniconvert talk about the top 10 hot topics in retail today. Understanding consumer life cycle and what does it mean for retail b...

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How consumerization of B2B #eCommerce benefits small businesses – Roi Kliper, City Hive

How consumerization of #B2B #eCommerce benefits small businesses. #Pandemic has accelerated the digitization of how small businesses interact with their customers. How do #digital platforms convey a sense of personalization and help businesses maintain r...

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Future of Retail is Phygital: Jon Nordmark of Iterate.ai in talks with Shailja on Retail Corner

The Future of #Retail is #Phygital, where Digital Retail meets Physical Retail. Will 2023 be Retail's pivot point for #innovation? Are we seeing unusually rare convergence of not just one or two, but several retailer-enabling technologies that are on tr...

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Algo Retailing: Art of Retail combined with Machine Learning & AI.

Algo retailing is to blend machine learning and AI with the human element of data reporting to seamlessly integrate retail data across supply chain to unlock value, improve business's performance, and generate higher profits. This panel discussion focus...

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Machine Learning and Data Science: Retail

The role of Data Science & Machine Learning is increasing it's footprints in a way that transforms business functions, especially in Retail.  According to the Director of Statistics and Data Science at MIT (SDSC), Devavrat Shah, whether it is retail fina...

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Latest Trends in Digital Payments: What does it mean in the New Normal?

What is the latest in Digital Payment trends? How Covid-19 is affecting consumer behavior when it comes to eCommerce? What do retailers need to know to prepare themselves and pivot for sustained growth? Listen to insightful conversation with Jeremy Altm...

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Pop-Up Stores: Future of Retail

Digital retailers looking to expand into brick-n-mortar sector are eyeing fairly new concept of Pop-Up Stores to lower implementation cost, test new markets and increase engagement with new customers. Today in our panel discussion we are bringing expert...

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