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Beyond Artifacts: Unveiling the Secrets of Museum Retail – Christine Kostyrka

Join us in the enchanting realm of museum retail with the captivating Retail Corner podcast. In this episode, we're honored to welcome Christine Kostyrka, the distinguished Director of Retail at the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, as our special...

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Beyond the Shelf: Retail Logistics and the Last Mile Journey – Solomon Zakinov

Be sure not to miss this episode of Retail Corner, which showcases Solomon Zakinov, the Founder & CEO of ShipX, a tech-driven e-commerce company. In this episode, he delves into the world of seamless delivery services and explores the significant...

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Marketplace Dynamics: Inventory Strategies and Pricing Science. -Ryan Moser

Join us for the latest episode of Retail Corner as we delve into a discussion with Ryan Moser, Senior Director of Inventory Strategy and Pricing Science at ThredUp. In this episode, Ryan shares valuable insights into maintaining optimal inventory lev...

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Shifting Preferences: Analyzing Demand Trends in the Consumer Landscape. – Avihai Shnabel

Join us for an exciting voyage into the world of retail transformation through the captivating Retail Corner podcast. In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting Avihai Shnabel, the co-founder & CRO of Onebeat, as our esteemed guest. Tune i...

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Employee Sparks: Igniting Product Excitement for Retail Promotion. -Andrew Duffy & Jacob Levin

Embark on a transformative retail journey by tuning in to the Retail Corner podcast, where guests Jacob Levin and Andrew Duffy, co-founders of SparkPlug are set to unravel the untapped potential of retail employees as dynamic catalysts for product pr...

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Beyond the Checkout: Personalization as the Retail Game Changer. -Tyler Renaghan

Make sure you catch this installment of Retail Corner, featuring Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Retail at Upside, as he highlights the significance of personalization in the retail industry. Tyler also provides expert advice to help retailers opti...

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Retail 2.0: AI-Driven Consumer Behavior and the Future of Shopping. -Umesh Sripad

Don't miss out on this episode of Retail Corner, where Umesh Sripad, Chief Product Officer at PureRED, reveals priceless insights into how the integration of AI and cutting-edge technologies is reshaping consumer behavior, paving the way for a bright...

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The D2C Frontier: Strategies and Challenges in Crafting a Robust Brand. – Amy Alabaster

Tune in to this episode of Retail Corner as Amy Alabaster, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at UPPAbaby, shares invaluable insights. Drawing from the D2C playbook, she delves into the world of winning strategies and the challenges involved in cr...

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Streamlining Supply Chain: RFID’s Role in Retail Logistics. – Julie Vargas

Listen to Julie Vargas, VP/General Manager of Avery Dennison, in this episode of Retail Corner on how RFID is transforming retail operations and enhancing customer experiences. You will listen to our host talking with Julie on the following points: C...

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Exploring Consumer Minds: Unveiling Consumer Perceptions and Insights. – Justin Chen

Listen to Justin Chen, co-founder of Pickfu, in this episode of Retail Corner on consumer perceptions. You will listen to our host talking with Justin on the following points: Can you explain the process of incorporating consumer feedback to improve ...

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Pink Lily Story: How Organic Growth Transformed an E-Commerce Retailer – Chris Gerbig

Listen to Chris Gerbig, co-founder and president of Pink Lily, in this episode of Retail Corner on how to focus on growing the brand naturally. The story of Pink Lily is very inspiring and a must for entrepreneurs to get some insights. You will liste...

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From expectations to devotion: Unleashing the power of brand loyalty – Kiera Ganann

Listen to Kiera Ganann, a seasoned merchandising and commercial executive, in this episode of Retail Corner, focusing on various retail aspects that drive brand loyalty, from product innovation to consumer expectations. You will listen to our host ta...

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