From Click to Door: AI’s Role in Optimizing Last Mile Delivery. -Ziv Fass

Tune in to the latest episode of our podcast as we sit down with Ziv Fass, the CEO & co-founder of Package.AI, a groundbreaking company, is revolutionizing last-mile delivery solutions for the retail industry through the power of artificial intelligence. In this insightful discussion, Ziv shares his expertise on how AI is reshaping the landscape of retail logistics, optimizing delivery routes, enhancing customer experiences, and ultimately driving efficiency in the crucial last leg of the delivery journey.

About our guest, Ziv Fass:

Ziv Fass is the CEO and co-founder of, an AI-based platform transforming last-mile delivery from a cost center to a customer engagement gold mine, leading to 10X growth in brand loyalty, advocacy, and customer lifetime value. Ziv holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has decades of experience envisioning and building customer-centric communication software, including various product leadership roles at Microsoft and Skype.



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