The Heart of Retail Leadership: Cultivating a Philosophy of Empowerment – Ram Venkataraman

Tune in to the Retail Corner Podcast for an enlightening discussion featuring Ram Venkataraman, CEO of Kibo, as he delves into the essence of effective retail leadership and strategies to empower teams for success. Ram explores the pivotal roles of reward-centric and responsibility-centric individuals within companies, highlighting their potential to either elevate or hinder organizational outcomes.

About our guest, Ram Venkataraman:

Ram has spent more than 25 years of his career working in software companies that range from bootstrapped startups to public companies. He has held senior executive positions for more than a decade, driving product and technology functions. Prior to Kibo, he was at NCR, where Ram was the CTO of the NCR payment platforms. He has a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from the University of Mumbai.




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