Retail Frontline: AI Wearables and the Future of Customer Service. -Chris Todd

With a career dedicated to revolutionizing the retail experience, Chris Todd, CEO of Theatro, is here on the Retail Corner Podcast to discuss the groundbreaking advancements in AI-driven wearable technology for frontline staff. As the head of Theatro, a leading innovator in this field, Chris brings unparalleled insights into how AI is not just transforming operations but also elevating customer engagement to new heights.

About our guest, Chris Todd:

Chris is responsible for leading Theatro’s overall direction, strategy, and growth. Chris is a “roll up your sleeves” type of leader who is passionate about the strategy of a business. Chris believes that most every idea can be a winner. It’s all about figuring out the strategic angles to drive success! As a co-founder, Chris has been instrumental in guiding Theatro from an early innovative concept into a fast-paced growth company.

Chris has 25+ years of experience in senior executive positions with small start-ups and large multinationals in a diverse array of industries, including software, networking, and apps for leading hardware and software companies including Cisco Systems, AppTrigger, Metaswitch, Extreme Networks, and Newbridge Networks.



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