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Latest Trends in Digital Payments: What does it mean in the New Normal?

What is the latest in Digital Payment trends? How Covid-19 is affecting consumer behavior when it comes to eCommerce? What do retailers need to know to prepare themselves and pivot for sustained growth? Listen to insightful conversation with Jeremy Altm...

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Pop-Up Stores: Future of Retail

Digital retailers looking to expand into brick-n-mortar sector are eyeing fairly new concept of Pop-Up Stores to lower implementation cost, test new markets and increase engagement with new customers. Today in our panel discussion we are bringing expert...

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Retail: Serving Higher Purpose

In this episode, we are talking about businesses which are in not for profits but for serving a higher purpose for humanity. Gifting Brands and DiZurita are the two entrepreneurial initiatives that are making things possible when it comes to giving with ...

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RFID: Improve Inventory Accuracy

RFID technology allows retailers to track their inventory throughout the retail supply chain, from the warehouse shelves all the way to the sales floor. Manual stock count can achieve average inventory accuracy of 70 percent. But an Item-level RFID makes...

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Visual Merchandising: What has changed?

Visual Merchandising, a well known practice in retail industry to attract and engage customers by creating an upturn in highlighting features for product and services. Are you telling a right story with colors and spaces?Are you getting your product/se...

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Retail Risk Takers: Joresa Blount, Founder, GoFlyy

In our Retail Risk Takers series, today we bring you an inspirational story on how one person's determination, think big and ask big attitude made her go from a store receptionist to a successful entrepreneur.  In today's episode, listen to the Founder...

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Lifeline in New Normal: Funding Beyond Traditional Methods

Small Businesses are going through real tough times now. Adjusting to New Normal is creating new challenges for them and they are looking for a lifeline that can take them over this hump created due to pandemic.Today on our Podcast we are bringing such...

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Buy Online Pickup In Store System: Implementation Insights

More retailers are adhering to the concept of Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) to offer convenience to the customer of shopping online and pickup for free at the store. Are you looking to implement BOPIS or e-commerce site at your store? In today's ...

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Retail Risk Takers: Michelle Rocha, Founder, Confidence Plus Fashion

Understanding true customer need and providing a valuable customer experience is a key to making your business grow organically. In today's episode, listen to the Founder and CEO of a Plus Size Fashion Startup, Confidence Plus Fashion,  Michelle Rocha ...

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Order Delivery and Accuracy: A Deep Dive

Curbside-pickup, in-store pickup, and shipping where order delivery and accuracy becomes a critical aspect of valuable customer experience to drive conversion and sales.In today's episode, listen to the Founder and CEO of a Last Mile Delivery Solution ...

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Retail Risk Takers: Tammy Bowser, Founder, SNAG my WEDDING

Risk takers are everywhere, but when it comes to Retail it's completely different ball game. Today in our entrepreneurship series we aretalking to one such risk taker, Tammy Bowser, Founder and CEO of SNAG my WEDDING who has created an online marketplac...

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Retail: Loss Prevention & Customer Service

Inventory Shrinkage is a huge issue in retail caused by shoplifting, employee theft, return fraud or just administrative error. Implementing an effective Loss Prevention strategy requires a 360 degree view of entire retail process.In today's episode, ...

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