AI in Aisles: The Impact of Generative AI on Retail. -Stephen Kaufman

In today’s episode of the Retail Corner Podcast, we feature Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer at Inriver, as he delves into the transformative impact of Generative AI in the retail sector. Kaufman discusses how this cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing product information management solutions, offering innovative ways to enhance and streamline retail operations.

About our guest, Stephen Kaufman:

As Chief Product Officer for Inriver, Stephen is responsible for driving product innovation, delivery, customer value, and strategic product road mapping.

Prior to Inriver, he served as the Chief Product Officer at Esko where he led a global SaaS product team providing best-in-class tools for workflow, content management, digital asset management, and collaboration. Stephen has over 25 years of executive technology leadership experience in both CPO and CTO roles.

Previously, Stephen was the founder, CTO, and CPO of Blue Software. He also served as CTO for Schawk Inc., where he led a team that was awarded the ComputerWorld Honor Laureate for Visionary Applications. In 2023, Stephen was also certified in the field of AI in “Designing and Building AI Products and Services” from MIT.


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