Visual Merchandising: The Aesthetics of Retail Sales. – Kacey Bengtson

In this engaging podcast episode, Kacey Bengtson, the esteemed Director of Retail at Cheekwood, offers invaluable insights into the dynamic world of visual merchandising in tourism retail. With her wealth of experience, Kacey delves into the art of crafting compelling retail displays that captivate customers and drive sales. She discusses the importance of strategic placement, cohesive themes, and storytelling through product arrangement to create immersive shopping experiences.

About our guest, Kacey Bengtson:

Kacey Bengtson has been the Retail Director at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens since 2020. Prior to working at Cheekwood, she managed Retail Operations at two other major Nashville tourist destinations – The Hermitage Hotel and Hatch Show Print (inside the Country Music Hall of Fame). Kacey was also a Visual merchandiser at Magnolia, in Waco, Texas. Working in tourism-retail for over 10 years has made Kacey an expert on experiential retail and customer connection, as well as product curation and visual merchandising.

As a member of the Museum Store Association, Kacey shares her skills and unique perspective on visual merchandising with other Museum Retail professionals as a speaker at multiple MSA conferences. Her passion for designing well-curated retail spaces with unique products is something she enjoys sharing, and she continues to train others on the best buying and merchandising practices.



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