Data-Driven Retail: Inside the Numbers. – Shiraz Ritwik

In today’s episode, Shiraz Ritwik of LatentView explores a fascinating intersection: the convergence of data-driven strategies within the realms of retail and consumer goods. As the Head of BFSI, CPG, and Hospitality Growth, he had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of harnessing data to drive decision-making and innovation in these industries.

About our guest, Shiraz Ritwik:

Shiraz is an accomplished business consultant and analytics professional, currently heading BFSI & CPG Growth at LatentView Analytics. With a global footprint in the US, EMEA, and India, he has been instrumental in helping Fortune 100 companies drive business impact in diverse sectors like BFSI, telecom, retail, and CPG.

In his current role at LatentView Analytics, he leverages his expertise to drive AI/ML transformation for Fortune 500 organizations, aiding them in achieving their data & AI objectives. His extensive knowledge of marketing strategy, supply chain analytics, strategic sourcing, and IT outsourcing and offshoring has been pivotal in shaping his career.

Shiraz is a trailblazer in effectively building and deploying future-proof data strategies for the financial services sector. Additionally, his proficiency in converting data into actionable insights has reshaped the CPG sector’s approach toward innovation.



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