Marketplace Dynamics: Inventory Strategies and Pricing Science. -Ryan Moser

Join us for the latest episode of Retail Corner as we delve into a discussion with Ryan Moser, Senior Director of Inventory Strategy and Pricing Science at ThredUp. In this episode, Ryan shares valuable insights into maintaining optimal inventory levels, preventing both overstock and stockouts, pricing strategies for a vast product catalog, and tackling complex supply chain challenges.


About our guest, Ryan Moser:

Ryan Moser is a dynamic and innovative leader with a rich 15-year analytics and business intelligence career. With a solid background in machine learning and statistical analysis, he has propelled companies to new heights by implementing groundbreaking, data-driven solutions. From his work as Senior Director of inventory Strategy and Pricing Science at ThredUp, where he brought a unique approach to pricing millions of SKUs, to his impactful role in management consulting, where he carried out the first longitudinal study of special forces operations in Iraq, Ryan is renowned for his ability to marry technical expertise with strategic business acumen. His talent and dedication have improved operational efficiencies and profitability for these organizations and positioned him as a trusted figure in the field.

As an alumnus of prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and Georgia Institute of Technology, Ryan is a leader and a lifelong learner committed to staying at the forefront of his industry.




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