Cultivating Success: A People-First Approach to Retail Leadership. -Erik Rueter

In this engaging podcast episode, guest Erik Reuter, founder of Human-Centered Success, shares valuable perspectives on adopting a people-first approach to retail leadership. Exploring the intersection of empathy and business strategy, Reuter emphasizes the transformative impact of prioritizing the well-being and development of individuals in the dynamic landscape of retail management.

About our guest, Erik Reuter:

Erik K. Rueter, PMP, PMI-ACP (he/him) has over 20 years of professional experience across diverse industries. He worked for tech start-ups, colleges and universities, a Grammy®-award-winning production company, and healthcare organizations. He has been a public policy analyst, professional photographer, marketing and public relations director, and now a senior project manager at the American Marketing Association. He has co-authored two papers on health inequity in oncology nursing, lectured at Boston and Emerson Colleges, and been a guest speaker on diversity and inclusion at, among others, Medtronic, VSP, and the San Antonio Spurs. He recently founded Human-Centered Success LLC, a consulting & coaching organization focused on leveling up leadership from blah to badass through project management, design thinking, and Positive Intelligence ™. His educational background is as diverse as his professional one. He holds a BA in neuroscience from Wesleyan University, college-level diplomas in digital design and Irish studies, MicroMasters in Design Thinking and Project Management through the Rochester Institute of Technology, and certification in diversity and inclusion from Cornell. He lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA, with his husband and two dachshunds. He enjoys running marathons, playing video games, and speaking his truth to whoever will listen. He can be reached at




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