Employee Sparks: Igniting Product Excitement for Retail Promotion. -Andrew Duffy & Jacob Levin

Embark on a transformative retail journey by tuning in to the Retail Corner podcast, where guests Jacob Levin and Andrew Duffy, co-founders of SparkPlug are set to unravel the untapped potential of retail employees as dynamic catalysts for product promotion.

About our guests, Andrew Duffy and Jacob Levin:

Andrew Duffy and Jake Levin met at Harvard University and are the co-founders of SparkPlug, a groundbreaking platform that addresses the complex issue of point-of-sale influence across various consumer product and retail sectors. Their combined studies in psychology, economics, and government have been instrumental in shaping their successful entrepreneurial journey.

Their initial venture, Sky & Wyatt, was an organic, whole-leaf tea company they built from the ground up. Relying on their understanding of consumer behavior, informed by their psychological studies, they scaled this unique CPG business by leveraging training and incentives for frontline associates at boutique spas, natural foods stores, and national grocery chains.

After selling Sky & Wyatt, Andrew and Jake sought to commercialize the sales incentive toolkit that drove their success in CPG, which led them to launch SparkPlug in 2020. SparkPlug’s unique gamification platform now powers over 1,500 retailers and 500 brands, enabling them to unlock the influence of frontline sellers at the point of sale.

Andrew and Jake are recognized as emerging thought leaders at the intersection of consumer behavior and experiential retail. They have made substantial contributions to academic research in areas that intertwine psychology and economics, and frequently speak at conferences and trade events.


Andrew Duffy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajwduffy/

Jacob Levin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/levinjacob/

Website: https://sparkplug.app


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