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The Retail Defender: Strategies for Effective Loss Prevention. – James Stark

Whether you're a retail professional, a security enthusiast, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and crime prevention in retail, this episode is packed with valuable insights that...

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The Impact of the Right Company Culture on Retail Success. – Colleen Wilson

In this enlightening episode, from employee satisfaction to customer loyalty, we explore the intricate ways in which a well-crafted company culture can influence the overall success and longevity of...

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Navigating the Digital Frontier: Challenges and Opportunities in Modern Retail. – Kate Ancketill

In the latest episode, Kate Ancketill from GDR Creative Intelligence delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving consumer behavior in the realm of contemporary retail. About our guest, Kate Ancketill: As...

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Cultivating Success: A People-First Approach to Retail Leadership. -Erik Rueter

In this engaging podcast episode, guest Erik Reuter, founder of Human-Centered Success, shares valuable perspectives on adopting a people-first approach to retail leadership. Exploring the intersection of empathy and...

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Behind the Numbers: Decoding Retail Data for Brand Success. -Tom Burgess

In this insightful episode on Retail Corner, we're joined by a leading industry expert, Tom Burgess, President of SnippMedia. Get ready to dive into the world of leveraging consumer...

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Modernizing Retail: The Impact of Applied AI. – Carl Turner

Take a moment to settle in, make yourself comfortable, and join us for an insightful discussion with the visionary leader, Carl Turner, founder and CEO of SWIPEBY,. We'll be...

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Customer-Centric Consumerism:Strategies for Business Transformation. – Joel Bines

Don't overlook this Retail Corner episode featuring Joel Bines, the bestselling author of  'The Metail Economy'. Join us as he explores the consumer-centric paradigm and strategies for business transformation. About...

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Beyond Artifacts: Unveiling the Secrets of Museum Retail – Christine Kostyrka

Join us in the enchanting realm of museum retail with the captivating Retail Corner podcast. In this episode, we're honored to welcome Christine Kostyrka, the distinguished Director of Retail...

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Beyond the Shelf: Retail Logistics and the Last Mile Journey – Solomon Zakinov

Be sure not to miss this episode of Retail Corner, which showcases Solomon Zakinov, the Founder & CEO of ShipX, a tech-driven e-commerce company. In this episode, he delves...

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Marketplace Dynamics: Inventory Strategies and Pricing Science. -Ryan Moser

Join us for the latest episode of Retail Corner as we delve into a discussion with Ryan Moser, Senior Director of Inventory Strategy and Pricing Science at ThredUp. In...

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