Voice AI for Brands: Making Ads Interactive – Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic

Are you up for the Ads that talk back to you? Instead of hearing an advertisement from IKEA on Pandora, the ad talks to you, and you talk back to it to register your interest or feedback.

There’s quite a bit of AI and natural language processing behind how this becomes possible. With this adoption, retailers are seeing massive jump in engagement (and ROI) on audio channels.

Listen to Stas Tushinskiy, Founder & CEO, Instreamatic, the voice AI technology for Brands in talks with host Shailja touching on following points:

  1. What it takes to implement two-way interactive voice engagements with consumers?
  2. Challenges for brands to get feedback from voice ads.
  3. Challenges in implementing Voice AI.
  4. Strategy and trends retailers are beginning to push forward in interactive voice space.

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