Trends in Retail: Know Your Shopper. Matthew Furneaux, Loqate

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Matthew Furneaux, Director of Location Intelligence, Loqate provides insights on understanding consumer behavior and current trends in retail. You will listen to our host talking with Matthew on the following points.

  • You have experience working with some of the largest e-commerce and retailers globally including Nordstrom, Sephora, Kohl’s, Ralph Lauren, and Michaels. As these and other brands navigate the third holiday season impacted by pandemic, economic and other factors, what are some key trends you’re seeing for how shoppers are spending and their behaviors between in-store and online shopping
  • Your team recently published its annual holiday shopping survey – what are some of the key trends impacting retailers today that really indicate a new normal has been established for consumer shopping behaviors?
  • It seems like from the study that on-time delivery is important to consumers, and impacts their relationship with a brand or retailer. What does this say about the importance of delivery and shipping, and what steps can retailers take to ensure that they meet expectations
  • If 52% of American consumers report that a retailer’s availability of products impacts their loyalty, what do you think this says about retail customer loyalty and CX programs? What can retailers learn and apply to incorporate the importance of product availability as a bigger role in customer loyalty programs? Are there additional steps brands can take to make this area shine for them in light of ongoing supply chain issues?
  • In general, how should brands and retailers approach the holidays as they take steps to win customer loyalty during this season, and continue to drive purchases all year?

About our guest Matthew Furneaux:

Matthew Furneaux is a location technology veteran with over 20 years of experience in helping global businesses reach their customers globally. As director of location intelligence at Loqate (, a GBG company, Furneaux is responsible for strategy and innovation. He is also a retail and eCommerce expert and while at Loqate, has worked with leading eCommerce brands including Nordstrom, Sephora, Kohl’s, Ralph Lauren and Michaels. Before joining GBG, Matthew cofounded Global Address (later acquired by Trillium Software) and helped to create a single platform model for a global location validation service.

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