Transforming the Future of Retail: How Digital Innovation is Revolutionizing Customer Experience – Melissa Wong, Zipline

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Melissa Wong, CEO & Co-Founder of Zipline, talk about the future of retail and how digital innovation is revolutionizing the customer experience. You will listen to our host talking with Melissa on the following points:

  1. How has brick-and-mortar retail evolved in the last few years?
  2. Issues with store execution? Examples of brands communicating ineffectively/inefficiently?
  3. Why is now the time for retailers to invest in digital transformation, despite economic concerns?
  4. How does one balance the need to embrace digital transformation with the importance of maintaining a strong in-person shopping experience for customers?
  5. How does one measure the success of a digital transformation initiative in the retail industry?
  6. Advice for retailers who are just beginning their digital transformation journey?
  7. How does communication affect a brand? The associate? The customer experience.
  8. How have trends like ‘quiet quitting’ affected the state of retail and what tools do front-line workers need in order to get their jobs done?
  9. What does the future of retail look like? What are some of the biggest trends and changes we can expect to see in the retail industry in the next decade?
  10. How are consumer preferences and behaviors changing, and how will this impact the way retailers operate in the future?

About our guest Melissa Wong:

Melissa Wong is the CEO And co-founder of Zipline, a unified platform for operational excellence helping 80+ best-in-class retailers bring brand strategies to life in stores. Under Melissa’s leadership, Zipline has achieved a Net Promoter Score of 72, was included in the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies, and received an honorable mention in Fast Company for World-Changing Ideas. Melissa was also named a 2022 Brick-and-Mortar Power Player by Business Insider and won gold in the 2022 Stevie Awards for Women in Business.



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