Streamlining Supply Chain: RFID’s Role in Retail Logistics. – Julie Vargas

Listen to Julie Vargas, VP/General Manager of Avery Dennison, in this episode of Retail Corner on how RFID is transforming retail operations and enhancing customer experiences. You will listen to our host talking with Julie on the following points:

  • Could you give the audience some insights into your background, roles, and responsibilities as the Vice President and General Manager of Identification Solutions at Avery Dennison?
  • As a market expert, how have you seen sustainability initiatives shape the journey of businesses in recent years? – Frictionless retail has gained popularity in recent years. How can automation and inventory management contribute to a more sustainable approach in this context?
  • Consumer food waste and recalls are pressing issues. How can technologies like RFID be applied to address these challenges and reduce waste in the food industry?
  • Cost reduction is a common goal for businesses. How can implementing sustainability plans, particularly in tackling food waste, help retailers save money while also benefiting the environment?
  • Regarding the application of RFID technology, do you have an opinion on where items in the food supply chain should be tagged to maximize efficiency and traceability?
  • Looking ahead, what do you see as the next steps for RFID technology in the context of sustainability, and how should we navigate those developments in the coming years?

About our guest, Julie Vargas:

Julie Vargas leads the North American Identification Solutions team for the food and logistics sector at Avery Dennison, where RFID is building new capabilities for supply-chain traceability, inventory optimization, and convenience retail. Her team drives accelerated market adoption and integrated, scale US-based manufacturing for automation and identification solutions across food service, grocery, and supply chains.

Julie has spent the last decade at the intersection of digital and physical retail. As Director of Digital Solutions, she led brand and retail partnerships in on-product innovation and helped shape the vision for the “Internet of Clothing”. Julie has also partnered with apparel and footwear retailers and brands to implement innovative RFID strategies. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Julie led product and business development for interactive RFID experiences in Latin America and was a senior analyst at Coach, where she helped launch the buy online/pickup in-store program.

Julie has shared her expertise at global events, including SXSW, the Economist Feeding the Future, Greenbiz VERGE, the GS1 Digital Convergence Forum, PI Apparel, RFID Journal, the Internet of Things Summit, and Summit Latin America. She holds a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.





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