Retail Risk Takers: Ria Morgan, The Little Blazer Company

In our Retail Risk Takers series, we are speaking with Ria Morgan, Founder & CEO, of The Little Blazer Company, who will be talking about her entrepreneurial journey, and how she created a premium children’s retail brand.

About our guest Ria Morgan:

Stay-at-home mom & sole Founder, Designer & CEO of The Little Blazer Company. Her previous career was where she created and lead an award-winning digital recruitment brand for a global plc.

Things Ria is passionate about:

  • Children being celebrated, and encouraged to be proudly themselves (hence their gender-neutral products & positive icon-affiliated character statements).
  • Ethical, sustainable production, supporting a slow-fashion industry, supporting British craftsmanship (hence their UK-based production, their materials and fabrics used, their heirloom garments).
  • Revolutionising & challenging the status quo (hence their offering being truly innovative and revolutionary for the space).
  • Inspiring & empowering others (launching a business at 40, while juggling all the daily commitments of a stay at home parent, securing substantial investment as a sole female founder, without a background in retail or design).
  • Innovative retail that makes one think – redefining the perception of beauty, disability and inclusion (being a champion of all personalities and differences through our marketing).


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