Remote Work or Hybrid: What is the Magic Number?

According to a recent article in Forbes – On average, remote workers worked almost a full hour more than their in-office and hybrid counterparts. Hybrid workers were the most productive, albeit marginally so, with remote and office workers following close behind. On average, we found remote workers to be more effective than hybrid workers and in-office ones.

On our podcast today, Brian Thompson, VP Human Resources, Senox Corporation takes a unique look at the current work situation and provides his expert opinion based on following points:

  1. Who should dictate the terms when it comes to Remote or Hybrid work ?
  2. How inflation is shaping the great resignation and what employers need to focus on?
  3. Great Resignation – Employees looking for just higher wages or meaningful work?

About our Guest: Brian Thompson, VP Human Resources, Senox Corporation.

Brian Thompson was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and attended the University of South Alabama where he obtained a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Brian entered the retail industry 21 years ago in corporate compliance and loss prevention. While growing his career with several large national retailers in including The TJX Companies, JC Penney Company, and Hastings Entertainment, he grew a passion for the elements of his assignments that dealt directly with people and problem solving. This desire to be on the ground helping others and working on a team led Brian to change his career path to human resources. He has had the opportunity to serve on teams in a regional and corporate leadership capacity taking on challenges from integrating new HRIS software, to rewriting policy and procedure manuals to meet upcoming legislative changes across 15 states. Brian maintains his license as a Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management. Brian joined Senox Corporation in July of 2019 as the Vice President of Human Resources. When Brian is not working, you can find him enjoying time with his family. Brian also donates his time in the community with the non-profit Austin Steam Train Association where he serves on the board of directors and on the operations team as a locomotive engineer.

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