Navigating the Retail Niche: Keeping a Growth Mindset as a Competitor – Jeremiah Curvers, Polysleep

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Jeremiah Curvers, CEO of Polysleep, talk about how to embrace a growth mindset in a competitive niche market and rise to the top. You will listen to our host talking with Jeremiah on the following points:

  1. What does not having a growth mindset mean to you?
  2. How have you seen sustainability change your corner of the retail world?
  3. What do you think is key when it comes to setting up solid partnerships with sustainable providers?
  4. How have you overcome all the modern challenges with supply chains and distribution centers?
  5. What are you working on right now that excites you?

About our guest, Jeremiah Curvers:

Raised in a Belgian family with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in furniture and decor, Jeremiah emigrated to Canada at the age of 15. It was only two years later that he founded his first business venture; it was a sign of things to come. His early passion for graphic design and technology led him into digital marketing for major brands, including – at age 24 – a management position at Yellow Pages Group and consulting work with Videotron, Bell, Wawanesa, Cossette, Touché! and others.

During these formative years, he began to embrace the notion of disruptive innovation, an idea that innovation by an outsider can eventually replace establish, market-leading firms. This approach inspired him (following a painful back injury – but that’s another story!) to found Polysleep in 2016. And it drives the business to this day. Leveraging state-of-the-art research and development techniques and the latest digital marketing strategies, Polysleep became one of the Globe and Mail’s “Canada’s Top Growing Companies” in 2022, ranking an impressive 39th out of 430 successful businesses.

Jeremiah is also a firm believer in walking the talk when it comes to living personal values. Polysleep, as a company, is well known for its environmentally responsible production and “mattress in a box” delivery methods, as well as its support for numerous charities. For his part, Jeremiah is an active member of the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montreal and helps other companies as an executive advisor. Jeremiah’s goal is to sleep well at night knowing he’s helping others do the same.




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