Modern Retail: Effective Omnichannel Gameplan – Jim Loden, CRO, Mulligan

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Jim Loden, Chief Research Officer at Mulligan, talk about effective omnichannel strategies in today’s retail world. You will listen to our host talking with Jim on the following points:

  1. How has omnichannel become the hero of new sectors?
  2. How have you approached change—Amazon listings and shifting customer bases?
  3. What do you think is key when it comes to setting up solid partnerships with retailers?
  4. How have you overcome all the modern supply chain and multinational sourcing challenges?
  5. How have you had to adjust your practices to adapt to changing forecasts in the retail world?
  6. What is the key to managing the diversity of geography and favored tastes across the country in an omnichannel supply chain?

About our guest, Jim Loden:

A tenured executive who has worked for years in the retail and distribution industries, driving explosive growth over and over. Helped conceptualize and develop the Apple Store model. Have grown sales from $300M to over $1.5B in 30 months.



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