How to Win and Influence Your Digital Customers – Howard Tiersky, WSJ Best Seller

How to Win and Influence Your #Digital #Customers.

Listen to Howard Tiersky, WSJ Bestseller of Winning Digital Customers talk about ‘Digital Transofrmation’ in retail. Few touchpoints:

  1. Who are digital customers and how you define them?
  2. What is digital transformation? What works and what doesn’t?
  3. How is customer moving towards digital transformation?
  4. How can retailers get benefits from their digital touchpoints?

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About Howard Tiersky:

Howard is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance. He was named by IDG as “One of The Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today,” and by Enterprise Management 360° as “One of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers That Will Change Your World.”

As an entrepreneur, Howard has launched two successful companies that help large brands transform to thrive in the digital age: FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency and Innovation Loft. Among his dozens of Fortune 1000 clients are Verizon, NBC, Universal Studios, JPMC, Morgan Stanley, the NBA, Visa, and digital leaders like Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon.

Prior to founding his own companies, Howard spent 18 years with Ernst & Young Consulting which then became part of Capgemini, one of the world’s leading global consulting firms, where he helped launch their digital practice.

Howard speaks regularly at major industry conferences and is proud to have been on the faculty of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, his alma mater. He is a frequent contributor to CIO Magazine.

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