How ‘Experience Economy‘ is Shaping Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies.

How ‘Experience Economy’ is shaping #CustomerAcquisition & Retention Strategies? 

Listen to Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder of Omniconvert talk about the top 10 hot topics in retail today.

  1. Understanding consumer life cycle and what does it mean for retail business.
  2. Who is the consumer of today and how their behavior mean for retailers?
  3. Shift in consumer behavior and how to tap into its potential.
  4. Is the story of the product more important than the product itself?
  5. How product perception is shaping the brand value? Are #NFT’s to be blamed?
  6. Is this the time for legacy brands to adapt to the new consumer and change acquisition strategies?
  7. Should D2C brands turn their existing customers into evangelists to promote brands?
  8. Are loyalty programs outdated for today’s consumer? What does D2C brands needs to do different?
  9. What is a super consumer and should you know them to create a better experience for all your consumers?
  10. Do you know top 1-2% of your consumer (a.k.a. super consumer) generates 20-65% of the net margin?


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