Breaking into Emerging Retail Markets: A Growth Mindset. Nina Schitermann, Lidl US

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Nina Schitermann, SVP Sales Operations, Lidl US, who provides insights on the power of possibilities in leveraging a growth mindset for new retail frontiers. You will listen to our host talking with Nina on the following points:

  1. What does not a growth mindset mean to you? – Scalability 
  2. How have you approached change – Growing in new markets 
  3. What do you think is key when it comes to setting up solid partnerships with retailers – Owned brands vs outside brands?
  4. How have you overcome all the modern challenges with supply chains and distribution centers?
  5. How have you had to adjust your practices to adapt to the changing workforce and employee retention?

About our guest Nina Schitermann:

As a senior retail executive, sales and operations strategist, and transformational business leader, I bring a record of success and expertise in driving excellence and building profitable operations at the highest levels of global business. I excel at building performance-oriented teams and business cultures, planning and executing impactful, large-scale change initiatives, and adapting brands to thrive in new international markets and diverse cultures. Combining a “people-first” leadership style with an ability to break down complex ideas for a range of audiences-I work effectively at every level of the enterprise to quickly align stakeholders behind a shared vision and deliver new levels of performance that consistently exceed expectations.

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