Are you an e-Commerce retailer? Before you settle for any cloud automation or looking for cloud cost optimization, listen to Leon Kuperman, an authority on cloud computing talk on following points with our host Carlos Diaz on Retail Corner Podcast.

  1. What is the main value that AI brings to the table? I.e. why simple automation is not enough.
  2. What are the problems in the cloud which require automation?
  3. Why hasn’t this been done earlier, was there a technology shift to enable it? 
  4. Top 3 tips for e-commerce retailers looking to adopt cloud automation.
  5. What are the main tool categories to address the automation challenges?
  6. Is there a scenario where a company should not look into using cloud automation?

About our Guest: Leon Kuperman, Co-founder & CTO, CAST AI

Formerly Vice President of Security Products OCI at Oracle, Leon’s professional experience spans across tech companies such as IBM, Truition, and HostedPCI. He founded and served as the CTO of Zenedge, an enterprise security company protecting large enterprises with a cloud WAF. Leon has 20+ years of experience in product management, software design, and development, all the way through to production deployment. He is an authority on cloud computing, web application security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), e-commerce, and web application architecture.

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