Your Retail Toolbox: Reassess for Success. Joe Lopardi,Trina Turk

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Joe Lopardi, Director of Retail at Trina Turk, providing insights on reassessing the basics of your retail toolbox to create a successful business. You will listen to him talking about:

  • We all know that people make the difference between a good and a great retailer. How are top companies recruiting talent in today’s changing job market?
  • Pop up’s are a great way to enhance visibility and brand. What do you think is the secret to a great off-site experience?
  • Growth is key in retail and opening stores in a post-pandemic retail world can be difficult. What are some of the right moves you are seeing being made to expand a brand or experience?
  • Since virtual transactions have become the new norm for many companies. Is there a secret to leveraging these into customer loyalty and really affecting the bottom line?
  • We have heard so many people talk about how it is “back to basics” in retail. What is one practice that you see being resurrected in the modern landscape?

About our guest Joe Lopardi:

Joe Lopardi is an accomplished retail executive, currently overseeing the brick-and-mortar business for Trina Turk/Mr Turk. Based in Los Angeles, CA, he has held leadership roles for notable brands such as Diesel, CH Carolina Herrera, St. John Knits and Cartier.

Joe prides himself on building and retaining dynamic teams at all levels, being a company culture proponent, leveraging an elevated event strategy to benefit local charities and non-profits, and delivering positive results. He refers to himself as a people-centric leader who values the relationships he has with both internal and external clients alike. He has pioneered client development programs, led teams through the construction of mission, vision and value statements, and is leading his present team to deliver the strongest net sales results in company history this year.

Prior to his retail career, Joe was a small business owner. He credits that experience, in addition to having great mentors in the retail industry, to his success. When he is not making market visits with his teams and clients, he is working on restoring a 1930’s bungalow he recently purchased with his fiancée in Los Angeles, CA. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for UC Riverside’s certification course called “Transformative Leadership During Disruptive Times.”

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