Sustainability in Fashion Retail: Making Meaningful Changes

Fashion companies are taking innovative steps in making meaningful changes to the outdated sourcing structure and putting environmental sustainability as top priority.

From making algae-sequin dresses, dyeing clothes with bacteria to planting trackable pigments in cotton, an emerging tide of technological innovations offers the fashion industry a chance to clean up its woeful environmental record. ( ).

On Retail Corner Podcast today you will hear from Coach‘s Advanced Sustainability Initiatives Consultant Liz Alessi educating us on sustainability in retail and touching on following points:

  1. How does circularity (i.e. the economic principle of sharing, repairing, refurbishing, recycling, remanufacturing and reusing as much as possible to minimise waste and the extraction & creation of virgin materials) starts to take shape at larger brands?
  2. How does regenrative farming works?
  3. Alternative leather materials e.g. Algae, Kelp etc.
  4. One emerging technology that will make impact in years to come.
  5. What do brands tend to miss when talking about the true cost of their products?
  6. How looking into the past will help inform how we start to think differently about sourcing.

About Our Guest: Liz Alessi:

A 20 year fashion veteran with extensive experience in materials and supply chain focusing on responsible sourcing, innovative materials and supply chain disruption.

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