Revolutionizing Retail: The Power of Digital Marketing Strategies – Rosaland Jones, Rack Room Shoes

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Rosaland Jones, Director of Digital Marketing, at Rack Room Shoes, talk about the power of digital marketing strategies within the retail space. You will listen to our host talking with Rosaland on the following points:

  1. The source of PR and the voice that comes along with it, and how does Rack Room Shoes manage to guide that overall voice.
  2. With budgets tightening across the marketing space, how is Rack Room Shoes adapting to make the most of each dime?
  3. How does Rack Room Shoes balance the short-term results of “boosted posts” vs the long-term effect of brand building? SEO?
  4. How does the communication Rack Room Shoes produces affect its brand? The associate? The customer experiences?
  5. How does Rack Room Shoes keep track of all the different angles of its marketing effort?
  6. How is Rack Room Shoes using the data at hand to make the right decisions?

About our guest, Rosaland Jones:

Rosaland Jones leads the digital marketing team at Rack Room Shoes with a focus on paid digital, social media, SEO and marketing analytics. Rosaland has spent most of her career in eCommerce (Dillard’s, Timex, Rack Room Shoes) and non-profit digital fundraising (Save the Children). She holds a Master’s in Applied Mathematics.




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