Personalization & Customer Engagement: Leveraging Innovations at Amazon – Justin Honaman, Amazon

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Justin Honaman, Head, Worldwide Retail & CPG GTM at Amazon Web Services (AWS), talking about innovations currently happening at Amazon and how retailers can utilize them to enhance customer experience and engagement. You will listen to our host talking with Justin on the following points:

  1. With Amazon having so many different aspects, where do you fit into the world of Amazon’s landscape and how retailers engage with different parts of Amazon talk about some of the big things you are seeing in the industry.
  2. Since Amazon is an industry leader in so many places how does your corner of the business focus on the customer and helping those customers engage with their customers? What do you feel your team gets right consistently?
  3. There is so much noise when working in the logistics and distribution space – What do you consider the most important methods to consider – where is Amazon playing?
  4. The balance between “Brick and mortar” and “e-commerce” is a puzzle many retailers are still struggling with -What challenges or opportunities do you singularly see coming from the e-commerce side?
  5. Are you seeing any trends that you are excited about that will help solve challenges in the next few months
  6. Connecting with people is always important to success… How do you ensure that you are connected to your customer’s needs?

About our guest Justin Honaman:

Justin Honaman leads the worldwide Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Go-to-Market team at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is also the worldwide segment leader for Food & Beverage. His team’s focus within Retail and CPG is on delivering supply chain, ecommerce, data / analytics and digital engagement business solutions for customers globally. Justin has spent the majority of his career in Consumer Goods and Retail both on the customer side (Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific) as well as the technology / consulting side (Accenture, EY). Justin lives in Atlanta, Georgia.





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