Legal in Retail: How to Protect Your Business. LeTonya F. Moore, Esq.

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to LeTonya F. Moore, Esq., Founder & CEO of Legalproof & Launch focuses on what retailers need to think when it comes to legal issues and how to protect their business. You will listen to her talking about:

  • What are some common mistakes product business owners make when expanding to retail?
  • What are some steps product business owners can take to protect themselves when submitting their product pitch?
  • How did you become interested in working with small product brands?
  • What is the best way for product business owners to penetrate traditional retail markets?
  • You’ve developed a 5 Ways concept that teaches business owners how to locate hidden streams of income, tell us how that works.
  • What advice would you give retail business owners looking to diversify their businesses?

About our guest LeTonya F. Moore, Esq.:

LeTonya F. Moore, JD, is a fourth-generation entrepreneur with experience building successful enterprises. She has spent the last decade perfecting her Legalproof & Launch methodology, now outlined in her book, “Stop Brand Stealing Thieves Now! Your Brand Protection Playbook”. The Legalproof & Launch methodology teaches clients how to protect their products, programs, projects, and profits.

LeTonya has serviced hundreds of clients using the Legalproof and Launch methodology. Many of her clients have grown their businesses into six and seven-figure brands within one year or less. LeTonya teaches clients how to prepare their products for retail stores, wholesale to retail markets, and white-label opportunities in the product space.

In addition to being a lawyer, LeTonya is a multi-industry, award-winning entrepreneur and master monetization strategist. These personal business successes earned her the moniker “Mo Money” Moore, which she fully embraces.

LeTonya is a sought-after professional international speaker and has shared the stage with noted professionals and heads of state in more than 30 countries. LeTonya presently resides in Houston, TX, but services an international client base.

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