Last Mile Delivery: A Pivotal Step in Fulfillment

Last Mile Delivery being 52% of the fulfillment cost, it’s imeprative that retailers understand how important it is to be cross-functional and own their omni-channel from start to finish.

Expert views from Bill Catania, Founder & CEO, OneRail, A Last Mile Delivery Platform touching on key points in any retailers fulfillment journey with our host Carlos Diaz.

  1. What are the benefits of taking a platform approach for delivery fulfillment? 
  2. What are the benefits of an aggregated network approach vs locking in a specific courier?
  3. What are some common challenges within the supply chain industry?
  4. How do you see supply chain challenges being addressed moving forward? 
  5. Why is last mile such a challenge compared to traditional delivery?

About Bill Catania:

Bill Catania is a start-up entrepreneur focused on developing and commercializing real-time technology networks. Catania is the founder and CEO of OneRail, an advanced last mile delivery fulfillment platform with an integrated coast-to-coast courier network of 8.2 million drivers. Catania was also the founder and CEO of digital coupon pioneer M-Dot Network. At M-Dot, Catania led his team to win the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, besting more than 1,500 companies from 23 countries. After M-Dot was acquired in 2011 by retail transaction processing leader Inmar, Inc. Catania stayed on as VP of Digital Solutions and was named among Triad Business Journal’s 2012 “40 Under 40″ list for 2012.

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