From expectations to devotion: Unleashing the power of brand loyalty – Kiera Ganann

Listen to Kiera Ganann, a seasoned merchandising and commercial executive, in this episode of Retail Corner, focusing on various retail aspects that drive brand loyalty, from product innovation to consumer expectations. You will listen to our host talking with Kiera on the following points:

  1. Could you provide the audience with some insights into your background and your roles and responsibilities as the Chief Commercial Officer at Bolt Threads?
  2. How can companies effectively engage consumers through their products and experiences to build brand loyalty?
  3. What strategies can businesses employ to create regional or customized assortments that cater to diverse consumer preferences?
  4. In what ways can brands express their power and values through their products and in-store experiences to create a memorable and impactful brand image?
  5. What are some key considerations for brands looking to improve their direct-to-consumer (DTC) business and leverage wholesale partnerships simultaneously?

About our guest, Kiera Ganann:

Kiera Ganann has over 25 years of experience in the apparel and accessories industry, leading sales and merchandising teams for large global brands. She currently serves as the Chief Commercial Officer for Bolt Threads, where she leads the sales and marketing teams for the biomaterials company focused on mycelium-based leather, Mylo.

Prior to joining Bolt, she established a global merchandising function for Connect Fitness Company, iFIT, owner of NordicTrack and Proform, among many other fitness brands. Previously, she was the VP of Merchandising for Levi Strauss Americas, where she led wholesale and retail merchandising teams across all categories and genders. Before that, she held various leadership positions in sales and merchandising at Ralph Lauren in the men’s and women’s wholesale divisions.

Ganann serves on the Board of Directors for the Fashion Scholarship Fund and has a strong understanding of consumers around the globe as well as a passion for products.


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