Customer Loyalty: How does Crocs do it differently – Claire Conley

In this episode of Retail Corner, listen to Claire Fahie Conley, VP of Retail, North America for Crocs, focusing on how to set your retail business compass to customers’ north star, i.e. achieving customer excellence and in turn gaining and retaining customer loyalty. You will listen to her talking about:

  • How to encourage ideas to grow from your staff in the field?
  • When it comes to ‘Brand Loyalty’, Crocs fans are at another level. Where does it start for them?
  • Root of the “come as you are” crocs tagline and how does that help Crocs attract and keep customers.
  • How does Crocs help its local community at each store?
  • What was Crocs’ approach to the shift in operations and logistics we have all had to adapt to over the last few years?
  • What is next for Crocs?

About our guest Claire Fahie Conley:

Over 25 years in the Retail business driving high-performing teams.

Companies: Reebok/Rockport/Ralph Lauren Footwear/adidas group (18 years) and now Crocs 8 years

Consumer-driven focus to achieve results. Passionate about building strong teams with a focus on Brand vision and delighting our consumers. Enjoys the fast pace and ever-changing landscape of retail. How consumer behaviors have changed and how the new generations like to shop.


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