Pop-Up Stores: Future of Retail

Digital retailers looking to expand into brick-n-mortar sector are eyeing fairly new concept of Pop-Up Stores to lower implementation...

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Latest Trends in Digital Payments: What does it mean in the New Normal?

What is the latest in Digital Payment trends? How Covid-19 is affecting consumer behavior when it comes to eCommerce?...

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Machine Learning and Data Science: Retail

The role of Data Science & Machine Learning is increasing it's footprints in a way that transforms business functions,...

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Algo Retailing: Art of Retail combined with Machine Learning & AI.

Algo retailing is to blend machine learning and AI with the human element of data reporting to seamlessly integrate...

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How consumerization of B2B #eCommerce benefits small businesses – Roi Kliper, City Hive

How consumerization of #B2B #eCommerce benefits small businesses. #Pandemic has accelerated the digitization of how small businesses interact with their...

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