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A deeply informative bi-weekly podcast on New Normal in Retail Industry. We cover current retail landscape, best of breed products and retail business best practices. Tune in to listen to retail experts and community thinkers on retail industries current trajectory as well as future projections.

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Lifeline in New Normal: Funding Beyond Traditional Methods

Small Businesses are going through real tough times now. Adjusting to New Normal is creating new challenges for them and they are looking for a lifeline that can take...

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Retail Risk Takers: Michelle Rocha, Founder, Confidence Plus Fashion

Understanding true customer need and providing a valuable customer experience is a key to making your business grow organically. In today's episode, listen to the Founder and CEO of a...

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Order Delivery and Accuracy: A Deep Dive

Curbside-pickup, in-store pickup, and shipping where order delivery and accuracy becomes a critical aspect of valuable customer experience to drive conversion and sales.In today's episode, listen to the Founder and...

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Retail Risk Takers: Tammy Bowser, Founder, SNAG my WEDDING

Risk takers are everywhere, but when it comes to Retail it's completely different ball game. Today in our entrepreneurship series we aretalking to one such risk taker, Tammy Bowser, Founder and CEO of SNAG...

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Retail: Loss Prevention & Customer Service

Inventory Shrinkage is a huge issue in retail caused by shoplifting, employee theft, return fraud or just administrative error. Implementing an effective Loss Prevention strategy requires a 360...

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